'Biology zero'


Surreal beauty surrounds the micro-world

I never felt passionate about Biology, although I have to say that understanding life and death to a micro detail can be fascinating.

What has impacted me the most was working with microscopes, analyzing bacteria, and human organs. Organisms seemed like imaginary threats as if they were concepts flowing through a liquid gel. I have to say. Images were stunning as if surreal beauty surrounded the natural world.

After learning a bit about biology and its terms, we talked about synthetic biology. Today, many companies are leading this sector, trying to solve humanity's biggest problems, just by making things out from scratch.

At first, it seemed impossible for us to make something synthetic. But Nuria helped us through simple exercises to make bioplastics. Some of us experimented following recipes and altering ingredients to see the outcomes. Some others tried without following any steps. We set up all our tests together and waited to see how they turned out.

The results were not exactly what we imagined. After a few weeks, the Petri dishes were full of organisms to the point some were thrown out.


What did I learn?
I learned instruments' names, a lot of terms (I probably learned them in high school, but it felt like I learned them all over again), a few recipes to make bioplastics.

Learning process?
  • Learn terms and subjects
  • Apply methodologies in exercises
  • Experiment